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Laboratory notebook format

Use the following general format for recording an experiment in your lab notebook: Introduction The following information should be entered before you begin the laboratory session: Date Enter the date at the top of the page. Use an ambiguous date format, such as 2 September 2008 or September 2, 2008 rather than 2/9/8 or 9/2/8. […]

Maintaining a laboratory notebook

A laboratory notebook is a contemporaneous, permanent primary record of the owner’s laboratory work. In real-world corporate and industrial chemistry labs, the lab notebook is often a critically important document for both scientific and legal reasons. The outcome of zillion-dollar patent lawsuits often hinges on the quality, completeness, and credibility of a lab notebook. Many […]

Don’t do stupid things

This a list of strictly NOT TO DO STUPID THINGS in a chemistry laboratory: Never eat, drink or smoke in the laboratory All laboratory chemicals should be considered toxic by ingestion, and the best way to avoid ingesting chemicals is to keep your mouth closed. Eating or drinking (even water) in the lab is very […]

Classification of Matter

When a person is confronted with a large number of objects or ideas, it is only natural to want to classify and organize them into groups. The advantage of grouping items is that you will end up with a smaller number of groups than objects. In your day-to-day life, you may group baseball cards according […]

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