SAT Chemistry

Getting ready for SAT II Chemistry? Feeling a bit overwhelmed with the prep?

SAT Chemistry is a 1 year college-prep course, covering a traditional high school chemistry, plus a bit more, by College Board.

SAT chemistry for several is a rather typical subject to crack, and the exam is intensive yet extensive.

Unless you know the core concepts and problem solving well, you won’t score high in SAT Chemistry.

There is a better and simple way! Instead of reading the test-prep book in slo-mo, how about rapid learning in 24 hours? Here is how.

Here is a very simple formula: Rapid Learning.

So what is rapid learning anyway?

Rapid Learning = Rich Media + Smart Teaching

Rich Media:- Chemistry is a visual science. Learn it visually with rich media SAT Chemistry.

Smart Teaching:-  Chemistry is all about the core concepts to understand and relate to solving problems. Learn the concepts and learn to solve the problems step by step.

The SAT Chemistry series is a breakthrough learning system with scientific teaching method coupling withrich media visualization and expert narration. In SAT chemistry, it breaks down the whole course into 24 chapters, one chapter at a time, 1 hour per and 24 hours chapter for whole cource.

Here are the three easy steps:-

Step 1:- Watch the SAT Movies: There are 24x movies for 24 chapters for the whole SAT Chemistry courses. It would enable you to gain visual understanding of the essence concepts and their inter-relationship, and ultimately apply to solving the problems, either concept type or word problems.

Step 2:- Practice the drills: Do the problem solving with the game based synergistic drill. The skillful problem solving will get you by the SAT Chemistry test.

Step 3:- Super Review the summary of cheat sheet SAT Chemistry.

Only 1 hour study of every chapter, it takes only 30 minutes for the rich-media video, 20 minutes for the problem drill and 10 minutes for the complete review, together 60 minutes for 1 chapter.

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